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Roberto Enamorado aka Robertoinlove has been engaging with the NYC community since he was a teenager through a variety of facets-including working in after-school programs, teen mentorship programs, assisting families in need of food-advocacy, grassroots activism, forging interprofessional and cross-functional collaborative strategies with local government agencies, economic development agencies, chambers of commerce, foreign consulates, not-for-profits, educational institutions, workforce development entities, banks and private sector providers-and is currently focusing on multimedia artivism. Much of this was inspired by post-traumatic growth after recovering from Cancer, which brought him to learn about many avenues money is generated at the expense of the well-being of others. He is looking forward to exploring social entrepreneurship in tandem with original and collaborative art as tools for altruistic social change...

Advocating for A - A Roberto Enamorado M

About "Old Oppression - Different PhAse": That time that I fell in love, and found a stone... I came across the blue stone on the last day I visited you. My last stop was a local tourist shop. I wanted to learn more about this stone, not just from a textbook or a museum, but also how it was extracted. So I decided ***k it, I could be my own journalist for a day instead of reading about it. In discovering this stone it lead to a journey, in which I was met with the beauty of tranquility in the color, and the dark side of how this is taken out of our Earth. Some people say slavery is over, some of us call it modern day slavery. Others say it's a choice, an opportunity even. What's your opinion? This collectible creative piece by yours truly, Roberto Enamorado aka RobertoInLove, incorporates succinct autobiographical accounts and Romanticism - the 18th century philosophical movement - with original photography and typography.


     Working my way up from a summer job - sanding and installing car wheels at a mechanic shop in Connecticut, at the age of 12 - to working within mission-oriented organizations, has helped me cultivate, and actuate a purpose-driven lifestyle to become a proponent of alternative forms of education, social concern, and socio-economic adaptability. Being a technology enthusiast, as well as versed in community relations, has opened avenues to forge partnerships with government agencies, economic development agencies, chambers of commerce, foreign consulates, nonprofits, academic institutions, workforce development entities, banks and private sector providers. Aligning exceptional bilingual interpersonal, and intergenerational communicatio­n experience, make me an effective contributor to multifaceted public engagements.


     For over ten years, have connected micro-entrepreneurs - aspiring and established - with a suite of local business tools and resources. In organizing workshops and seminars, to assist the micro-business community, helped in meeting or surpassing goals that were aligned with New York City’s Immigrant Business Initiative. Now, as a social-micropreneur, continue serving marginalized communities, providing bilingual public speaking, instructional, and training services - and am creating multimedia art, to bring attention to and build community, around the concept of empathy.


     Seemingly business-centric, my dynamic “People skills” were founded collaborating with after-school, teen mentorship, public healthcare, and food security/advocacy programs. I have assisted, co-coordinated and/or led grassroots outreach, and instructed digital literacy trainings for senior citizens throughout the 5 boroughs of New York - including residents of New York City Housing Authority’s (NYCHA) Queensbridge Houses in Queens, the largest public housing development in North America; Red Hook Houses in Brooklyn; Mott Haven Houses in the Bronx; Stapleton Houses in Staten Island; and Jefferson Houses in Manhattan. In addition, experienced the life-changing privilege, promoting the advents in personal transportation, and sustainable energy, working for Tesla. 


     I welcome the opportunity to contribute my creativity in ways that give people the inspiration, motivation, and ability, to meaningfully direct their own futures.

Conceptual Thinking With Kids on Grid Li
Empathy at the Javits Center with Robert

The Mission ​

A global REvolution in perspective through a lens of empathy!


If it sounds a little too esoteric, to better conceptualize the steps I’m currently taking to contribute to a mass paradigm shift...Lets work towards addressing social and conceptual isolation - through random acts of kindness, Art and Artivism, social events, supportive in-person or over the phone conversations [sometimes that includes a little “Tough love”], digital content, being proponents of minimalism, sustainable living, mental and holistic well-being, Alternative Education (in classroom environments, workshops and seminars) - to empower others through a lens of empathy.

My social media mantra: To strive to be a better person, I express: #Aesthetics, #Altruism, #Unity. When I fail, I try to: #REcalibrate #REbuild #REsist #REvolt #REvolution. My story: The internal #Fluctuations of #Empathy and #Apathy, #Rage and #Romanticism . . . #Actualization and #Frequential #REcomposition. My art and artivist work often revolves around the following words/phrases; #MultiMediaArtist #Storytelling #nycArtist #Minimalist #CancerThriver #Obscene #Perspective #Meditation #MentalFitness #AlternativeEducation and #WeAreAllOne. "Acknowledge where you are, work towards where you want to be, and encourage others along the way . . . and #LaughAlongTheWay to” ~Roberto Enamorado aka Robertoinlove


The Philosophy ​

“I strive to not divide humans into nations, political parties, stereotypical gender roles, races, religions, creeds or classes - or consider animals, plants, insects and other lifeforms as less important inhabitants of the universe. All we touch, taste, see, smell, feel and other interactions we may never perceive, can't be destroyed, they can only change form. We are all one.” ~Roberto Enamorado