The Mission ​

A global REvolution in perspective through a lens of empathy!


If it sounds a little too esoteric, to better conceptualize the steps I’m currently taking to contribute to a mass paradigm shift...Lets work towards addressing social and conceptual isolation - through random acts of kindness, Art and Artivism, social events, supportive in-person or over the phone conversations [sometimes that includes a little “Tough love”], digital content, being proponents of minimalism, sustainable living, mental and holistic well-being, Alternative Education (in classroom environments, workshops and seminars) - to empower others through a lens of empathy.

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The Philosophy ​

“I strive to not divide humans into nations, political parties, stereotypical gender roles, races, religions, creeds or classes - or consider animals, plants, insects and other lifeforms as less important inhabitants of the universe. All we touch, taste, see, smell, feel and other interactions we may never perceive, can't be destroyed, they can only change form.

We are all one.”


~Roberto Enamorado